How to Reduce Plastic Bag Pollution

How to Reduce Plastic Bag Pollution

oregoing plastic bags at the grocery and other stores is not a new idea.   By now we’ve all learned that plastic is made from petroleum, a finite resource, and that the ubiquitous bags make their way into our waterways  and the digestive systems of many animals. But the extent of plastic bags’  impact is shocking.  I invite you … Read more

10 Environmental New Year’s Resolutions

Environmental New Year's Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I used to make lots of them, and they usually ended up forgotten, typically after just a few days.   So, since I like success, I started limiting my New Year’s resolve to just one or two commitments, and they were the kind of resolutions I thought I could actually keep. … Read more

10 Ways to Clean Your House with Vinegar

Homemade Cleaner with Vinegar

Perhaps you’ve seen articles and books about how to make your own green household cleaners.  Well, if you’re like me, it’s hard to remember all the ingredients and proportions.  So I end up cleaning the old-fashioned way–with commercial cleaners, and feeling guilty about it. Well, here’s an easy way to get started with greener cleaning.  You only … Read more

Eco Friendly Ways to Dispose Pet Waste

how to dispose pet waste green way

For a great many of us, our dog or cat is a dear companion. How we care for our pet matters, for the animal’s well-being, of course, and also for the well-being of our planet.  One way our pets impact the environment is through their waste–that’s right, poop.  Our nation’s dogs and cats produce more … Read more

How to Stop Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

How to Stop Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Who among my fellow ’60-somethings’ doesn’t remember the scene in The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman, the newly-minted college grad, is given a single word of advice by a middle-aged businessman:  “plastics.”  Plastics, according to the older man, were the wave of the future and the route to the young man’s career success. Well, in a sense, … Read more