About Earth Connection

Welcome to THE EARTH CONNECTION, a site for people who love the earth!  I have created this site because I believe that, in the face of a daily diet of discouraging environmental news, we need, more than ever, the replenishment that nature offers us.  We need to be nourished by the nature we love if we are to be healthy and strong enough to save our marvelous planet.

     Of course a web site is no substitute for a walk in the woods.  But you can find here poetry, prose, and photos that celebrate our magnificent planet.  I hope they will inspire and nourish you.  I would like THE EARTH CONNECTION to be a readily available respite from life in a society that does not care enough about nature, that has forgotten about humans’ need to connect with the natural world.

     While the main purpose of THE EARTH CONNECTION is to nourish and inspire, the site has three other purposes as well:

**To share environmental good news.  And yes, there is a lot of it!  Successful efforts by citizen groups, local and state governments, and others to help heal the planet are highlighted here.    Where possible, contact information is also provided, so that people who want to explore taking similar steps through their own organization, city, or state, can learn directly from others who have been successful.

** To educate those who want to better understand the intricate workings of life on our planet, and who want to learn more about global warming and other environmental issues.

**To offer concrete suggestions for actions individuals can take, both personal and political, that contribute to healing the planet.  The suggested personal actions are mostly relatively simple steps that can readily be incorporated into busy lives.  The suggested political actions mostly involve contacting Members of Congress, local and state officials, and others to affect government decision-making about important environmental issues.

THE EARTH CONNECTION is interactive.  I invite visitors to comment on postings and to contribute poetry, prose, photos, and art for posting on the site.

I hope you will subscribe to THE EARTH CONNECTION e-newsletter.  By subscribing, you will receive an email alerting you to each new posting on the site.  Subscription is free.


The environment is my great passion.  I have delighted in nature for as long as I can remember.  Many of my moments of greatest spiritual connectedness have been inspired by the natural world.  Along with the deep sustenance I derive from Mother Nature, some of my most painful feelings are also intimately connected with the natural world.  I feel real anguish when I see or read about the serious damage we humans are doing to this awesome planet.

Practically speaking, I have been an environmental activist for decades.  I have served on the boards of local and national environmental organizations, and my book THE EARTH AND YOU:  EATING FOR TWO was called “one of the 10 best environmental books of the year” by The Green Consumer Letter.  And incorporating eco-friendly habits into daily living has been a focus of mine for decades.

THE EARTH CONNECTION is my attempt to contribute in the best way I know how to healing the earth.  And, I should add, developing THE EARTH CONNECTION nourishes me.  I hope it will nourish you as well!