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Warm greetings to all EARTH CONNECTION subscribers!

I apologize for being silent for so many months.  And this will be my last posting for many more months.

You see, I have taken on a temporary but all-consuming project.  I am running for the Virginia State Senate this November.  If you have been an EARTH CONNECTION subscriber for quite awhile, you may well remember that I suspended publication of THE EARTH CONNECTION for most of 2015; I was a candidate then for the same seat for which I am running this year.

An important reason I ran in 2015 was my belief that we need STRONG action on climate change, including at the state level.  The state senator representing my district, then and now, has continually opposed any legislation to address climate change.  I also ran that year on getting big money out of our politics, on solving the opioid crisis, and on the need for sensible measures to prevent gun violence.

All of those issues are still important to me.  But I probably would not have run again, were we not now in a national crisis.  Donald Trump, abetted by “the Trump party,” has clearly become a significant threat both to our Constitutional order and to American national security.  Politics does not get any more serious than that.

I can see how my campaign here in Virginia can make a contribution to this crucial larger battle.  Here in my 70% Republican district, I am working to enlist the support of those Republicans who are unhappy with what their party has become.  And I will use the platform that comes with being a candidate to try to show the other Republicans where the path of true American patriotism now lies.

And since the demands of a political campaign are all-consuming, I will not be posting here again until after the election in November.

If you would like to support my campaign by helping me get the funds I need to reach Republicans in my district–and I need to invest in advertising to do that effectively–I would be grateful for your support.  You can make a donation to my campaign here.

And I invite you to visit my campaign Facebook page:  April Moore for Virginia Senate, as well as my campaign website.  If you’d like to get email updates from the campaign, you can sign up for them on the site.

Thanks, everyone!

For our beloved earth~



5 Responses to “An Update from the Earth Connection”

  1. James Says:

    Low and middle income Virginians are being shortchanged by your tax system, as the fat cats pay a smaller portion of their incomes to the ruling system.

    May you succeed in white supremist Virginia.


  2. Dana Renor Says:

    Best of luck! Hope you get elected!

  3. DONNA B Says:

    Best of all wishes and prayers go with you!Our Nation and our Earth need more people with goals such as yours! Alas. My website says “returningsoon” but due to family illnesses I cannot devote much time to it.
    I once worked at EarthConnection in Cincinnati where We demonstrated solar heating and taught care for Earth and sustainability. Reduce. Reclaim. Restore. Recycle.

  4. Jan Says:

    I am delighted to hear you are running again for office. We need to have people in Richmond who understand environmental, healthcare, and other basic issues. We need representatives who understand climate change and are willing to act on it, who know the importance to families of having access to healthcare, and who are willing to listen to constituents and act in their best interest. Your commitment to these issues and to the electorate will make you an excellent member of the Virginia Senate. Best Wishes for a successful campaign!

  5. Laura Says:

    Sooo glad you are running again. You know you have my total support and will continue contributing as the year unfolds and my funds permit.

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