Tiny Odes to Our Earth

    I am greatly pleased to offer here several very short–and lovely– poems composed by my friend Fred Andrle.  

Hairpin Curve in the River Saar

the slow river
forks around the tiny island




rain against window

slams against my window
spring obstreporous



dogs in park

new spring morning
park wide-greening
dog after dog after dog



too hot too cold

too hot, too cold
too damp, too dry
the seasons humanized


sun and fields

everywhere I go
mother sun
brethren fields


Fred is a poet, playwright, and journalist living in Columbus, Ohio. His most recent poetry collection is “What Counts,”  (XOXOX Press, Gambier, Ohio, 2012).  Fred’s poetry was featured in the anthology “Prayers to Protest: Poems that Center and Bless Us”  (Pudding House Press), and his poem “The Book”, was read by Garrison Keillor on his public radio series “The Writer’s Almanac.” 

Fred has received Ohio Public Broadcasting and Regional Emmy awards for his radio and television programs. He currently writes as an independent journalist. His opinion columns have appeared in newspapers nationwide.


4 Responses to “Tiny Odes to Our Earth”

  1. Anne Nielsen Says:

    Thanks April. I think good poetry has always been an important part of any healing place, and new and expanding contact with earth’s creatures, green and otherwise, may be more necessary than ever.

  2. Diane Furlong Says:

    These are lovely. It’s good to hear from you and the Earth Connection. Thanks for sharing Fred’s work.

  3. E. Rose Says:

    Sweet, indeed, April,
    Does he also take his own photographs?

  4. James Says:

    “new spring morning
    park wide-greening
    dog after dog after dog” was moving for me. I`m glad to have been moved by Mr. Andrie.

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