The Earth Connection is Back!

Greetings, all of you who love our marvelous and endangered planet!

     After a very long ‘silence,’ I have decided to revive THE EARTH CONNECTION.  The last time I posted here was February 2015.  That was when I told readers I was suspending my postings in order to devote myself fully to a run for the Virginia state senate.

     I didn’t win.  Nonetheless, I feel very good about the run I made.  I became a candidate because of my passion about climate change and my desire to find a much bigger platform to sound the alarm in defense of our Mother Earth.  The campaign gave me a marvelous opportunity to do just that.  I made the most of it.   And thanks to messaging help from my husband Andy Schmookler, my message got out there widely and boldly.

     Even though the election was last November, it has taken me this long to be ready to put significant energy into a solitary, creative space like THE EARTH CONNECTION.  Instead, I have been continuing to work, as a board member, with two organizations dedicated, in different ways, to protecting the planet–the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.

     And now I want to resume publishing THE EARTH CONNECTION.

     I plan to post at least once a month.  I hope you will continue to follow my blog.  And please spread the word if you like what you see here.  Remember, it is free to subscribe to THE EARTH CONNECTION.  By subscribing, you will receive an email to alert you every time there is a new  EARTH CONNECTION posting.  And, of course I do not share THE EARTH CONNECTION’s subscriber list with anyone.

     And one more thing–I am always open to posting other people’s work–poems, photos, narratives, etc.  Thanks!–April Moore



12 Responses to “The Earth Connection is Back!”

  1. Nicky Staunton Says:

    Welcome back!
    A contest for appreciating and protecting nature is never lost, perhaps takes another path toward same principles, to continue striving for those goals.

  2. Leslie Says:


    Thanks for the good news! Of course I’m referring to the renewal of Earth Connection, not to your inability to prevail in the election. Your candidacy was victorious in other meaningful ways. Your knowledge and passion invigorated the election debates; you injected some much-needed dialogue about income inequality, made important connections for voters, and were a strong challenger to the incumbent in the truest sense: you made him have to account for his positions. So, bravo for that, and welcome back!

  3. Gail Says:

    So glad! Your blog is always a bright infusion of beauty and meaning. AND connection.

  4. Katharine Says:

    I am delighted that The Earth Connection is back! I have missed your musings, information, sharing of poetry and in-sight. Welcome back!

  5. Tony Dorrell Says:

    It’s great to have you back!

  6. Nancy Says:

    So happy you’re back!

  7. Joan and Alan Brundage Says:

    Dear April,
    Your resuming the “Earth Connection” is such good news for us! We are so looking forward to receiving your spot of brightness monthly in the midst of so much darkness right now politically. We are wishing you all the best with your Board work—-that your organizations will have a huge impact.

    Sunday we go to Rocky Mountain National Park to reunite with our Road Scholar group that gathered in Alaska last September. We will be hiking together and learning a lot about the ecology of the park. We’ll let you know about our experience when we get back.
    Best to you and Andy!
    Joan and Alan

  8. Todd Waymon Says:

    Welcome back, April! I’ll spread the news to the Environmental Concerns Committee here at Pennswood; they will be interested. We’re in rural Bucks County and have beautiful meadows of our own, and a lot of nearby parks. Nice! Peace, Todd

  9. Gail saul Says:


  10. April Says:

    Elizabeth Cottrell tried unsuccessfully to post the following comment:
    How wonderful to look forward to more of your great content, April — and let me thank you again, in this context, for having the courage and fortitude to stand up for what you believe in by running for public office. I do think your message was heard, and it was so encouraging for all of us who agreed with you in the first place to know we had a banner-carrier in you and your campaign.

  11. Monika Kienzle Says:

    A nice surprise- well, not really, April. I knew you would be back. I just recently began rereading many of your earlier postings which have not lost any of their original freshness. But I am definitely happy to hear that you are returning to where your heart is, the Earth Connection Communication Channel.

  12. Debbe Gay Says:

    Happy to see it!

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