An Ode to Dead Leaves



Dry brown leaves
Resting on the forest floor,
Brittle,  thin, lifeless.
Their work is done.

Once they were young,
Fresh, supple, and oh so green,
Open to the sun’s rays
And carrying that sunshine
Straight into the tree,
Bringing the tree exactly what it needs
To live and grow.

And once a leaf’s work is complete,
Its life drains away
And the leaf lets go.
ed from the tree from which it came,
 tree the leaf fed for many months.

Now the leaf lies shriveled and curled,
Lying among its fellows
On the forest floor.

Yet even in death, the leaf gives life,
Each dead leaf returns to the soil,
To support and feed a new tree,
This time from below.-
-April Moore






6 Responses to “An Ode to Dead Leaves”

  1. Larry A. Scott Says:

    Thank you so much, dear April Moore, for this bit of centeredness. love to you and Andy both. Larry

  2. Gail Saul Says:

    Your lovely ode leads right in to this fascinating TED Talk. How trees talk to each other

    Thank you for your opener to fall by this.

  3. Joan and Alan Brundage Says:

    Thanks April, for the reminder of the cycle of life. We just returned from a week in Rocky Mountain Park—-full of gorgeous fallen leaves.

  4. Joan Brundage Says:

    Thanks, April, for the lovely reminder of the cycle of life.

  5. Liz Tennant Says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely ode, dear April. It is lovely. Thank you also for reviving the Earth Connection. It is nice to have it back. Love from Seattle. :)

  6. sandra rose Says:

    April, this beautiful image of life after death made me think of not only the nourishment those leaves provide but the warmth and softness they offer to wild critters on cold nights. Trees indeed deserve to be hugged.

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