Good News for the Ravaged Gulf of Mexico


After years of anguish and suffering–to wildlife and humans–caused by the 2010 BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I am happy to report some very good news about the restoration work taking place.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), the congressionally chartered nonprofit corporation that is receiving and administering the $2.54 billion in fines BP and Transocean have been ordered to pay for remediation, appears to be doing an excellent job.  The Foundation has been praised by many for ensuring that the restoration funds are spent in ways that do the most to remedy harm and to reduce the risk of future harm to natural resources affected by the 2010 disaster.  The NFWF’s work is “an impressive, comprehensive, integrated restoration effort,” noted the Ocean Conservancy in a press release.

For example, in issuing restoration grants, NFWF has adopted a regional, ecosystem-wide approach, funding efforts that build on each other across multiple states.  And NFWF is investing in grants that focus on the marine environment as well as coastal environments.  These two types of environment, though very different from each other, form two halves of a single whole.  The restoration of one half would be incomplete without the other.

As part of a five-year period during which the $2.54 billion will be spent for restoration, the most recent round of grants included 25 projects totaling more than $99 million. The funded projects will:  track the recovery of key fish species like red snapper;  respond to stranded dolphins and manatees;  map the seafloor off the Florida coast to inform sustainable fishing practices; and much more.

“Every American has a stake in restoring the Gulf,” notes U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe.  “The Gulf of Mexico is a national treasure, supporting a vast network of native wildlife and coastal ecosystems while providing jobs and economic growth to millions of Americans,” he explains.  Ashe and others have praised the state governments of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida for working collaboratively with the Foundation to invest in projects to restore the Gulf.–April Moore 



2 Responses to “Good News for the Ravaged Gulf of Mexico”

  1. James Says:

    Restore and then protect, as is being done, your national treasure, in spite of corporate interests.

  2. Tanya Says:

    Thanks, April. That is good news, indeed.

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