A Love Letter to the Earth

On this Valentine’s Day, the day we set aside to celebrate love, I am reminded not only of the  family and friends I have been given to love, but also this extraordinary planet, which gives us our life.

I found a lovely website full of love letters to our earth, written by people from all over the world.  I have posted below one of the letters that I especially like.  If you’re interested in reading more of them, you can click here.  love letters to the earthApril Moore

Dear Earth,

Thank you for all that you have given, still give and, hopefully, will continue to give to me and the other living beings who are blessed enough to have emerged from your vital energy. I wish that you will forgive our human errors and shine your light on other lost souls, so that they might remember the great source from which we all came, and one day will all return to.

I love you, dear Mother, for the pure balance and true meaning of life that you teach us.

Thank you from the centre of my soul.

Love always, your Daughter

 United Kingdom

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