God, I Am Very Happy That I Live On You

I came upon this appreciation in the book EARTH PRAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD,  and I like it.  It is hard for me to believe the author is so young.  


Goodnight God
I hope that you are having
a good time being the world.
I like the world very much.
I’m glad you made the plants
and trees survive with the
rain and summers.
When summer is nearly near
the leaves begin to fall.
I hope you have a good time
being the world.
I like how God feels around
everyone in the world.
God, I am very happy that
I live on you.
Your arms clasp around the world.
I like you and your friends.
Every time I open my eyes
I see the gleaming sun.
I like the animals–the deer,
and us creatures of the world,
the mammals.
I love my dear friends.
–Danu Baxter, age four and a half years old





5 Responses to “God, I Am Very Happy That I Live On You”

  1. weaver Says:

    god/ess i am glad for this blog – gratitude with bright blessings… wx (((o)))

  2. Jean Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Such a beautiful poem from such a young child.

  3. James Says:

    Children are small but as large in spirit as adults: :)

  4. Todd Says:


  5. Judy Says:

    This poem was published many years ago. I would be so curious to learn where Danu is now, and what this child is doing. This child, a precious little gift.

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