To Earth Connection Readers

Dear Earth Connection readers–

Many of you know that my husband Andy Schmookler is the Democratic nominee for Congress where we live, in Virginia’s sixth Congressional district.

As the campaign has become increasingly time-consuming, it has gotten more and more difficult for me to post regularly on THE EARTH CONNECTION.  In fact, I have not found the time to post anything at all in the last several weeks.  And so I have decided to ‘suspend’ the site, at least until after Election Day, November 6.

I am sad, in a way, to have to give THE EARTH CONNECTION a rest.  Since I launched the site on Earth Day 2008, it has been truly a labor of love.  Planning regular postings has meant I ‘had’ to spend more time in the woods observing, more time reading about the natural world, more time researching actions that have benefited our planet, and more time investigating steps we all can take to help protect the Earth.  Knowing that hundreds of people are visiting THE EARTH CONNECTION every day has spurred me to dig deeper, to work to better express my feelings of love, wonder, and anguish about our magnificent planet.

Part of what has made THE EARTH CONNECTION so rewarding for me has been hearing from you, the people who read my site.  I have been inspired, warmed, and educated by many thoughtful comments from readers over the years.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and for posting comments.

And while I am sad in a way to have to set THE EARTH CONNECTION aside, working on Andy’s campaign is simply another way to work for a healthier planet than offering postings on the Web.  Andy has been outspoken on the urgent need to address climate change, and his campaign is focusing on the more fundamental problem that what’s going on in our political system these days has made it impossible for us as a nation to act responsibly and constructively to address climate change and the other pressing issues we face.

Here is a link to a video of a five-minute speech Andy gave that has gone viral.  It well describes the nature of our crisis.

Thank you all so much!  And stay tuned for future developments. . . . . . .

For Our Earth–

April Moore

9 Responses to “To Earth Connection Readers”

  1. Diane Artz Furlong Says:

    Understand your priorities. We readers and lovers of your blog posts will be ready to read more of The Earth Connection when the time is right again for you to share your passion..
    Good luck to you and to Andy’s campaign!

  2. Nancy Says:

    April, here’s hoping you’ll be back before long. Thank you for all the mind and heart you’ve put into Earth Connection. Nancy

  3. Todd Waymon Says:

    Hi April, No need to explain. I think I can imagine you and Andy on the (campaign) trail together. I love keeping up with the news – which is looking good. So: be well. I continue to wish you both the best. And we’ll see you here when your time again allows. Namaste, Todd

  4. Gila Says:

    Dear April-

    Your blog is inspiring and heartwarming and I will miss it. Yet I know full well that you are out there working hard for these cherished goals. We will look forward from haring from you in this way again!

  5. Diane Says:

    We will look forward to your return to the Earth Connection. Andy Schmookler for Congress–Truth for a Change!

  6. Tanya Says:

    Sad to hear we’ll have a gap but I’ll look forward to your return.

  7. Barb Pequet Says:


    We all know that to everything there is a season, and this one seems right for you — it will help bring fruition to other aspects of your giving. Your work, the blog, and its readers will be here waiting for your return and refocus.

    We’re hoping the man of the people, the man not afraid to face and speak the truth for us all, will be the victor! Best wishes!

  8. Olivia Mellan Says:

    Dear April,
    It makes perfect sense – go Andy (and you!) and we’ll welcome you back with open arms when the time is right for you. Livvie

  9. Judy Muller Says:

    We all understand, Dear April. Thank you for including Andy’s now-viral speech. We all cheer you both on. And, we hope it will work out for you to resume Earth Connections, but we will understand if your duties as First Lady will be occupying your time.

    Love from Judy

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