It’s a Two-Fer!

bike-monthMay is National Bike Month.  And when it comes to the environment, human health, and even having fun, what can beat biking?

Riding a bike instead of driving a car lessens our dependence on climate-disrupting dirty oil and saves gas money.   Biking is an excellent way to get in shape and stay that way.  And who hasn’t loved pedaling along, enjoying the scent of flowers and the cooling touch of a breeze?

If you haven’t gotten on your bike in awhile, May is the perfect time to get started, not too hot and not too cold.

Cycling groups, local governments, climate change groups, and many others are organizing a variety of events all over the country to celebrate National Bike Month and to get people into biking.  To find events planned for your community, you can check the website of the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month’s sponsoring organization.

Some of the planned events include Bike to Work Days, Bike to School Days, bike safety and bike maintenance workshops, community bike rides, and other bike-related activities for kids and adults in many communities.

If nothing is planned in your community, you could always organize a bike ride with family or friends.  And be sure to get the kids involved.  Kids are born to ride a bike, but some may need a little coaxing to get out there.  Including them in a group ride may be especially fun for them.

And what if your bike is out of shape from neglect?  This month is a good time to take it to the bike shop for a tune-up, so you can get started.

Despite the many benefits biking offers, some communities are not at all bike-friendly.  Crowded roads, high-speed traffic, and a lack of bike lanes or even decent sized shoulders in some areas understandably make people afraid to venture out on a bike.  If your community’s infrastructure makes biking difficult, I urge you to click on the link below and join the Sierra Club’s Mobile Action Network.  You can follow the Sierra Club’s instructions for urging your state’s governor and your U.S. senators and representative to work with state and federal transportation officials to develop more options for a safer community with more biking options.

Happy biking!–April Moore

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  1. jake Says:

    Fantastic post. Thank you.

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