The Wood Thrush–in Winter?

     My husband and I just returned from a wonderful 15-day trip to Costa Rica.  The occasion was our dear daughter Terra’s wedding.  Andy and I also spent about 10 days exploring and hiking in incredible cloud and rain forests.  The following is a short piece Andy wrote while we were there. 

     Don’t forget to click on the link at the end, and scroll down to hear the wood thrush’s song!

     by Andy Schmookler


photo by Lang Elliott

photo by Lang Elliott


 Among all the sounds one hears in the Virginia woods, is there any more lovely than the pure, melodic, piping sound of the wood thrush? For April and me, it’s always a thrill to hear the thrush’s simple but unearthly sweet musical song. It’s not, however, a song we hear in winter. 

Now we know where that song goes when our woods freeze. It’s down here to Costa Rica — or some such place. We’ve heard that pure piping down here. We don’t really know these are the same birds that grace our woods in summer, and the thrushes down here are not telling where up north they spend the warmer months.

But we were glad to run into what we regard as friends from Virginia.

5 Responses to “The Wood Thrush–in Winter?”

  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    How lovely! Now I know what bird I’ve heard so often but never was able to identify!

  2. Elizabeth H. Cottrell Says:

    Ah, lovely! What a treat to have connected with this “friend” so far from home.

  3. Todd Says:

    Ahhh! Thanks! I have not heard that sweet sound for a long time!

  4. judy muller Says:

    A treat to hear that exquisite, spine-tingling call, so bright and clear. And I must tell you my favorite call of all, the elusive and eloquent Canyon Wren, heard only in canyons. I am a Canyon Wren groupie, seeking its song in the wild places of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah.

  5. Patsy Wagner Says:

    Looking forward to talking with you about your trip to Costa Rica!

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