Snowy Passage

     I appreciate the work of acoustic ecologist Jim Cummings.  His work first came to my attention when I heard him interviewed on NPR several years ago.    

     Jim listens closely to the natural world.  As some would preserve the natural world in photograph and on film, Jim preserves sounds, especially threatened ones.

     Jim’s interest in the sounds made by non-human creatures in their native habitat has taken him–and his recording equipment–to many places.  He has recorded by day and by night, in a wide range of  environments. 

   Jim Cummings has a website, “Bright Blue Ball:  A Simple Witness to the Years.”  On Jim’s site, you’ll find many lovely pieces he has written, some of his recordings, as well as pieces on movies, music, and other subjects.

     I invite you to click on the link below to read a short, winter piece Jim wrote.  And don’t forget to listen to the recording he provides.–April Moore

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