Fall Colors, Including White

     Last weekend we got eight or more inches of snow in the freak October snowstorm that hit the east coast.  My husband Andy Schmookler wrote this nice little piece about our experience: 

     “We were caught in that early snowstorm of yesterday–heavy, wet snow on trees whose leaves had not yet dropped off.   One much-loved tree on our place sustained damage I’ll do my best to repair with ropes and splints.  But our day was most affected by presumed tree damage elsewhere:  as predicted by the weather channel, the storm brought massive power outages, and we were among those cast suddenly back into the 19th century, except that we are not set up for life without electricity.

     “Our heat depends upon electricity, our well uses electricity to pump water.  We do, however, have candles, and after the sun went down, we read by candlelight while under the blankets.

     “Finally, after about 12 hours without power, some blessed crew somewhere on the landscape re-established the connection and, “Let there be light!”  And heat.  And the Internet.

      ”It all makes us appreciate how much our lives are enriched by the power we so often take for granted:  switch a switch and one goody or another is ours to enjoy.

     “Powerlessness for 12 hours was an adventure–shaking snow off bending trees, helping neighbors, walking in the woods, cobbling together a cold dinner, measuring reading light by candlepower.  But we were glad for the adventure to end.

     “In the political sphere, powerlessness is not so easily overcome.  But the urgency is no less great!” 

snow and fall color--together around our house

snow and fall color--together around our house

5 Responses to “Fall Colors, Including White”

  1. Diane Says:

    Beautiful picture! Sounds like a cozy, fun adventure–even if you were glad when it came to an end!

  2. todd Says:

    y’all have a well ?

    and the internet — right after light and heat , of course ….

    a lovely read ……

  3. Nancy Kelly Says:

    What a great photo! Thanks.

  4. Elizabeth Scott Says:

    A friend’s brother lives in Connecticut, where the storm moved after leaving us. Count your blessings! He lost power on Saturday night, and does not expect to get it back until this Sunday… more than a week! He moved in with his daughter and her husband (and their newborn twins) in Rhode Island for the week.
    Here in Harrisonburg. we only got 4 inches, but it fell BEFORE the first frost. I got some great photos of all my poor herbs sticking up through the snow. (see my facebook page!)

  5. Joan Brundage Says:

    Thanks, Andy, for your insightful writing. What a beautiful yet strange photo—snow and Fall colors.

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