Please Help Humanity Switch to Carbon-Free Fuels

This Saturday, September 24, there will be a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis. The international organization is spearheading the global rally called Moving Planet, and citizens in more than 165 countries are organizing local actions to draw attention to the urgent imperative to get humanity off of fossil fuels and onto sustainable, carbon-free energy alternatives. is calling people to bike, paddle, skate, pogo-stick, or walk to the 350 event nearest them. And why this worldwide rally? Because, states on its website, “for too long, our leaders have denied and delayed, compromised and caved. That era must come to an end; it’s time to get moving on the climate crisis.” is trying to get the governments of the world to act on what climate science has made abundantly clear: human activity is putting more carbon into our atmosphere every year than the atmosphere can absorb without changing the climate. The safe maximum amount of carbon in our atmosphere is 350 parts per million (ppm), according to 97% of the nation’s top climate scientists (as reported in the National Academy of Sciences Proceedings).

In 1988, the planet crossed the 350 level for the first time, and carbon emissions have been increasing steadily since then. We are now at 392 ppm, and we must bring that number down to 350 if we are to avert the worst impacts of climate change, scientists warn.

But few of the world’s governments are responding in any meaningful way to the challenge. That means it’s up to us, the citizens of the world, to make our governments do what’s absolutely necessary: to admit that the climate crisis is real and largely human-caused, and to make addressing the crisis a top priority.

Here are’s demands:

  • science-based policies to get us back to 350 ppm
  • a rapid, just transition to zero carbon emissions
  • mobilizing funding for a fair transition to a 350 ppm world
  • lifting the rights of people over the rights of polluters

Concerned people all over the world are planning events for this Saturday. I am inspired that even in highly stressed Libya, people are organizing for a carbon-free future. Professor Satya Pal Bindra at Misrata University says, “We are making sure that our new Libyan political leaders get the message that our community is aware and getting prepared to move beyond fossil fuels.”

Please add your voice to the call. The United States, the greatest contributor to climate change, is the only nation in which one of its major political parties refuses to admit that global warming is a problem that needs to be addressed. Our political leaders will act only when we, the voters, make them act. Let them hear you.

To find out how you can get involved in a Moving Planet action near you, click on this link:  Thanks!–April Moore


2 Responses to “Please Help Humanity Switch to Carbon-Free Fuels”

  1. George Elvin Says:

    It’s wonderful that you’re spreading the word about Moving Planet, and I wanted to share that my blog, Green Technology Forum, is also focused on how we can all live beter with carbon-free fuels. (Forgive the self-promotion, but it really is a good fit for people who want to follow the issues Moving Planet is fighting for.)

  2. Steven Earl Salmony Says:

    We face a culture of silence with regard to the growth of the human population on Earth. As a consequence, a colossal, human-induced tragedy is being precipitated in our time. But this is not the whole problem being utterly avoided. Even among top-rank scientists with appropriate expertise, extant scientific research of human population dynamics and overpopulation is being willfully ignored. Attractive preternatural thought and specious ideologically-driven theory by non-scientists, namely demographers and economists, about the nature of the human population have been widely shared and consensually validated in the mainstream media during my lifetime. This unscientific thought and theory is not only misleading but also directly contradicted by scientific evidence toward which first-class scientists have “turned a blind eye” for way too long. That is to say we have two challenges to confront and ovecome. The first is the culture of silence. The second is the deliberate collusion within a sub-culture of experts who have determined not to acknowledge, examine and report on vital scientific research. Some scientists have referred to “the first challenge” as revealing the facts of “the last taboo”. What I am asking scientists to do is address “the last of the last taboos” by reviewing and reporting findings of unchallenged scientific research of human population dynamics from two outstanding scientists, Hopfenberg and Pimentel(2001), Hopfenberg(2003, 2009). At least to me, it appears the denial of the population issue by people everywhere and the denial of scientific research of human population dynamics/overpopulation by scientists with adequate expertise have resulted in a betrayal of humanity and science itself. This failure of intellectual honesty and moral courage among so many so-called experts with responsibilities to assume and duties to perform is as unfortunate as it is unprecedented. A good enough future for children everywhere appears to be at risk on our watch and we are bearing witness now and here, I suppose, to the way silence ‘kills’ the world.

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