Big Changes Underway

     Greetings to all readers of  THE EARTH CONNECTION. 

     I have decided that, starting next week, I will reduce the frequency of my postings from twice a week to once a week. 

     The reason I am moving to weekly, rather than semi-weekly publication, is that my husband Andy Schmookler is running for Congress!  

     I want to spend more time helping Andy in his campaign because we need him in Congress, and because the country needs to hear Andy’s message.  More than anyone I know, Andy deeply understands why our lawmaking process has become so dysfunctional.  He clearly sees the destructive force today’s Republican Party has become, how willing these radicals are to hold a gun to the head of the country to get what they want.  And Andy is frustrated that the Democrats have, for the most part, not stood up to the Republicans.  Nor has the press been telling the public that the behavior we see on the news every night is unlike any we have witnessed before in one of the nation’s major political parties. 

     Andy never imagined he would run for political office, but now, at age 65, he feels he must.  He is stepping forward to do all he can to reverse our country’s downward slide. 

     I believe in Andy and his campaign.  So I am paring back my other activities and responsibilities.  I feel a little sad at the prospect of devoting less attention to THE EARTH CONNECTION than I have.  I love the site, and it heartens me that several hundred people a day read my postings.  

     But I am happy to make this change in my life.  I know that electing Andy to Congress will do at least as much to advance my own environmental goals as my own efforts have.  And I am pleased to report that the campaign is going well.  People are responding enthusiastically to Andy’s message.  

     I encourage you to learn more about Andy and his campaign.  Just click here to visit his website:  If you agree with Andy’s message, please forward the link to your own networks.  After all, Andy’s message is one that needs to be heard throughout the nation.  And if you feel motivated to donate, please do!  It takes a lot of money to make a successful run for Congress. 

     So keep coming back.  I’ll be posting a new piece every week.–April Moore


9 Responses to “Big Changes Underway”

  1. Bob Hughes Says:

    As a New Zealander I am very heartened to know there are candidates for congress as honest as Andy

  2. Elizabeth H. Cottrell Says:

    April, I’m sure I speak for all when I say how much we’ll miss the more frequent postings, but still totally admire you for having your priorities right. We are so proud of Andy and feel he has an important message. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Nancy Kelly Says:

    I’ll miss hearing your voice as often and hope you’ll come back after Andy wins in 2012!

  4. Todd Says:

    Good for you April. This decision could be very important to Andy’s campaign.
    Mother Nature will wait for you. Best wishes to you both, Todd

  5. judy muller Says:

    Dear April, you distilled so succinctly and eloquently Andy’s message, his purpose, the reason he is running for Congress and why his voice is so needed. Yes, your place now, and through next November, is at Andy’s side. You, more than anyone, can make a big difference in the effectiveness of his campaign. Thank you for continuing to do a weekly post. We will look forward to receiving them, as always.

  6. Monika Kienzle Says:

    Home from our summer in Massachusetts, I am glad to have my own computer back. I have three months of your postings to catch up, April. And yes, Andy’s message amplifies yours. We need to wake up and protect our country and our humanity. You both have so much to offer.

  7. Barbara Pequet Says:

    I`m glad you`ll continue to inform us once a week about the items (joys and concerns) you discover, the thoughts you have, the facts we want to know, even while working on behalf of an inspring and needed candidate/candidacy. You are contributing in new ways!

  8. Livvie Mellan Shapiro Says:

    A perfect reason for less frequent posts! Good luck to you both on this Big Adventure! Andy deserves to win more than anyone I know!

  9. Joan Brundage Says:

    Please give my best wishes to Andy. This country needs people like him. I will hold him in my thoughts for victory in November. I’ll miss your voice, April and I totally support you in your efforts to help Andy get elected! Please keep us posted as to how his campaign is going! I wish I could vote for him but I live in Arizona.

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