Why I Wake Early

     During the summer months, it feels natural to me to awaken early, unlike in the winter, when I only want to burrow more deeply into the cozy warmth of bed.  But on these summer mornings, it is a delight to get up, step outside, and feel the morning’s sunny warmth.

     I very much like Mary Oliver’s poem below, on the joy of greeting the sun early in the day.–April Moore

Why I Wake Early


Hello, sun in my face.

Hello, you who made the morning

and spread it over the fields

and into the faces of the tulips

and the nodding morning glories,

and into the windows of, even, the

miserable and the crotchety –


best preacher that ever was,

dear star, that just happens

to be where you are in the universe

to keep us from ever-darkness,

to ease us with warm touching,

to hold us in the great hands of light –

good morning, good morning, good morning.


Watch, now, how I start the day

in happiness, in kindness.


~ Mary Oliver ~




the view from our deck on this July morning

the view from our deck on this July morning

4 Responses to “Why I Wake Early”

  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    Beautiful! I love Mary Oliver’s poetry! Thanks.

  2. Judy Muller Says:

    Mary Oliver’s poems always surprise and delight me.

  3. Kia Says:

    That was beautiful! I need to remember this poem before I complain too loudly about the hot summer weather.

  4. Priscilla Says:

    Lovely! And what a stunning view from your deck!

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