Environment Under Attack–Please Call Your Congressperson!

     It’s time to pick up the phone and call your Member of Congress.


     This week the U.S. House of Representatives will take up an anti-environmental “spending” bill that would destroy many of the nation’s most important environmental protections, while also slashing funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.


     Under the guise of ‘cutting spending,’ the House Interior Appropriations bill is a Republican effort to eviscerate decades of environmental progress supported by a majority of Americans of all political parties.  No, this bill is not about cutting the deficit;  it guts environmental programs, while continuing $4 billion a year to the big oil companies in taxpayer subsidies.


     The bill recently passed in committee, with all Republicans supporting it and all Democrats opposing it, will likely be acted upon by the full House this week.


     Here’s what the House Interior Appropriations bill would do:

  • Exempt Big Oil’s massive offshore drilling operations from Clean Air Act requirements designed to protect our health and our environment.
  • Prohibit the EPA from using funds to reduce carbon dioxide pollution that leads to climate change; and keep the agency from enforcing Clean Water Act protections for thousands of American streams and wetlands.
  • Slash funding for National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, the North American Wetlands Conservation Fund; the Forest Legacy Program and the Legacy Roads and Trails Program.
  • Slash the enormously successful and popular Land and Water Conservation Fund by 80% — all but terminating it. The LWCF uses a portion of funds from offshore oil drilling revenues to help conserve federal, state and local open space, outdoor recreation opportunities, trails, and park land nationwide. As states make their own deep cuts to budgets, this program grows in importance.
  • Eliminate water pollution laws for logging roads on national forests and allow for expanded off-road vehicle use on national forests in California.
  • Overturn a recent Obama Administration decision to prohibit uranium mining at Grand Canyon National Park.

     So please contact your Member of Congress in the next day or so.  Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.  Give your Rep’s name and ask to be connected to his or her office.  Because of all that’s at stake, I recommend waiting to speak to a staffer, rather than leaving a message on a machine that is likely checked once a day at the most.


     Please urge others to call as well.—April Moore



One Response to “Environment Under Attack–Please Call Your Congressperson!”

  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    This is so disheartening! I feel our representatives are losing their minds! Whatever can they be thinking?!!

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