Nature Surrounds Me, Wherever I Am

     I post here a short piece from the book, Green Spirituality, by Veronica Ray.  This piece reminds me that we are never removed from nature.  We cannot be.  No matter how far the concrete and steel of a city may seem from the natural world, everything around us is from nature in some way.–April Moore

     “Many of us live in large urban communities filled with concrete and steel.  We may think that nature is far from us, out in the country somewhere, and we can’t get to it.

     “But nature is everywhere, all around us, all the time.  It’s not just found in our dogs, cats, and potted plants.  When we look at concrete, we can think about the sand, gravel, and water that went into it.  When we see houses and furniture, we can remember the trees that gave us that wood.  When we put on our clothes and make our bed, we can think of the cotton plants, the woolly sheep, and the downy geese that contributed to our warmth and comfort.

     “The natural world is all around us.  Metals and precious gems are mined from the earth.  Even many plastics come from petroleum products, which come from crude oil.  Everything, everywhere, is part of one whole natural world.  We can see it, think about it, and remember that we’re part of it too.”   

2 Responses to “Nature Surrounds Me, Wherever I Am”

  1. Diane Artz Furlong Says:

    We are never removed from it because we are of it. Nice reminder, April.

  2. Todd Says:

    Hi April, Excellent perspective shift! If we consider plastic as some alien or non-natural substance then we are not only missing that it is indeed part of Nature but also missing that human activity has transformed some part of Nature into a new form, like a beaver builds a dam. Thanks – and happy summer from cool Nova Scotia. Todd

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