Enjoy Earth Day with Eagles–Live!

     “Oh, world, I cannot hold thee close enough.”  This line from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem “God’s World” often runs through my mind when I find the world around me achingly beautiful.  Wonders everywhere.

     Today, Earth Day 2011, I would like to share one of those wonders.  It was sent to me by my friend Priscilla.  Some ingenious person managed to set up a video camera very close to the nest of a bald eagle near Decorah, Iowa.  The camera is on 24/7, and tens of thousands of people are tuned in at any given moment.   I can see why.  It is fascinating to watch the activities of mother and babies at such a close vantage point without disturbing them.

     The babies are darling, and as the mother warms them with her body, she looks about with those piercing eagle eyes, renowned for their acuity.   So far, I have not been fortunate enough to tune in at feeding time, but Priscilla tells me it is a thrill to watch the mother placing food directly into the little mouths. 

     In addition to the pleasure of watching these eagles in the wild, it is heartening to know that the bald eagle, once on the Endangered Species List, has rebounded.  Four years ago the U.S. Department of the Interior delisted the bird because of its greatly increasing numbers.  

     You can tune in to the lives of this little bald eagle family by clicking http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles  Enjoy watching.  If you’re busy, you may want to set up the video and then check back from time to time to see what’s happening.

     And Happy Earth Day!  I hope you will enjoy our glorious planet today–and all days.–April Moore

3 Responses to “Enjoy Earth Day with Eagles–Live!”

  1. Kay Says:

    Thank you! I just happened to tune in and saw the babies being fed by both parents. I hope you were able to see it. Amazing!

  2. Elizabeth Cottrell Says:

    April, thank you for helping us celebrate Earth Day with every piece you write.

  3. Judy Muller Says:

    What a lovely line from Edna St. Vincent Millay!

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