A Visit to a Tree

img_0622     Monday was an interlude of sunshine and warmth, sandwiched between cold, windy days. 


     Thinking about Krishnamurti (http://www.theearthconnection.org/blog/2011/04/to-love-a-tree/ )’s invitation to listen to the sounds a tree makes, I strolled down into the forest.  My eyes immediately fastened on a handsome chestnut oak– tall, muscular, and mightily furrowed–beside the forest trail.  


     Always up for a good hug, I pressed my body against this stalwart being, wrapped my arms as far around its body as they could reach, and gazed upward.  High above me, the weighty trunk tapered, then cleaved into two big forks.  Each fork divided again, and each again, over and over, until all the cleaving ended–for now–in tiny twigs.  More than 100 feet from the roots,  these frail little things were the tree’s ‘ambassadors’ to the sky.


     I sat down on the ground next to the oak, letting its body support me silently and surely.  Gazing at the forest all around, I sank into a peaceful space. 


     Perhaps not sensitive enough to hear the ‘silent sounds’ of the tree’s bark and roots, I enjoyed instead the birds calling from farther down in the forest.  A bird I couldn’t name, more of a squawker than a warbler, seemed to synchronize its call to coincide time after time with the piercing cry of a pileated woodpecker.  And now and then came the tiny and distant drillhammer of another woodpecker beating against a tree trunk.


     With the warm sunshine dulling my mind and the day’s responsibilities receding into the background, I realized that sitting was too much effort.  So I stretched out along the tree’s narrow, westward path of shade.  Supported by the earth, with the base of the tree just behind my head, I closed my eyes and savored the balm the forest so freely offered.


     Despite my dulled brain, the day’s tasks soon reasserted themselves, and I sat up.  But before leaving, I picked up one of the acorns scattered about.  It was slightly shriveled after a winter on the ground.  And as I looked closely at the little thing, I had to shake my head.  How could this little acorn contain the entire blueprint for all the complex systems of this mighty tree?  What perfection!—April Moore 




4 Responses to “A Visit to a Tree”

  1. Diane Artz Furlong Says:

    Yep. We had the same idea only I was stretched out on the ground above the roots of my beloved white pine tree with my ear pressed to the earth, straining to hear. I closed my eyes to concentrate and instead of hearing the cosmic songs I took a little cosmic trip instead as the tree showed me its place in the universe.

  2. Livvie Mellan Shapiro Says:

    Lovely, April.. Just reading it was balm for my soul! Thanks.. Livvie

  3. Judy Muller Says:

    April, I love your unique way of feeling, seeing, communing, using all your senses. You are truly at one with the natural world.

  4. Elizabeth Cottrell Says:

    Oh, April, your writing is beautiful. You are a Nature Connection messenger of the highest order!

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