Crystals to Knock Your Socks Off

     If you share my fascination with crystals, then you’ll want to click on the link below to Dusky’s Wonders Site.  Dusky shows photos of some underground crystals that have grown to gargantuan proportions inside a cave system more than 1,000 feet below the Mexican desert.     

     I did a little research and learned that underground crystals grow larger than the above-ground crystals we’re used to.  The reason:  an underground environment that is conducive to crystal growth is much more likely to remain undisturbed than a comparable above-ground environment.

     Scientists say that the giant crystal obelisks in the photos  began forming  millions of years ago in a cave system where groundwater was saturated in calcium sulphate.  Then magma from much deeper in the earth spread upward and made its way throughout the cave system.  About 600,000 years ago the magma began to cool, and minerals started to precipitate out of the water. 

     Over the centuries, the tiny crystals the minerals formed grew and grew.  Then in 1985, lead miners discovered the fantastic formations when they inadvertently drained the cave with their mine pumps.

     The crystals, some more than 30 feet long, resemble icicles.  In looks only.  The cave’s temperature is 112 degrees F, with 90-100% humidity.  Visitors to the cave must wear protective suits and carry backpacks of ice-cooled air.

     Enjoy the photos!–April Moore

6 Responses to “Crystals to Knock Your Socks Off”

  1. Aaron Says:

    You found Superman’s lair. Beautiful. Where’s the son of Jorel?

  2. Diane Artz Furlong Says:

    I read about these not too long ago and was enthralled. I love rocks and minerals, gemstones and crystals. The world is filled with wonders.

  3. Jim Z. Says:

    Very remarkable!

  4. Gabrielle Says:

    I can only pray they’ll be protected and not harvested

  5. Judy Says:

    These are incredible. I have seen gypsum crystals here in New Mexico, in a cave, a slot canyon, and lying on the ground. I have heard them called Selenite. I have seen some that had a greenish tint, and some that are shades of purple.

  6. Joan Brundage Says:

    How incredible! I’ve never seen any crystals like these before. And the website for the other natural wonders is awesome!

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