The Dancing Cockatoo

     This is not the type of piece I normally post on THE EARTH CONNECTION.   But I find this You Tube video so entertaining and so fascinating that I want to share it.

     Never before have I witnessed a bird so obviously ‘grooving’ on music as the cockatoo is in this video!  The bird is amazing to watch as it energetically rocks from side to side, lifts its wings, and even spins its head vigorously!

     I never imagined that a bird would respond so enthusiastically to music.  I don’t really know what is going on for this cockatoo as it ‘dances’  to Ray Charles singing “Shake a Tailfeather.”  But I am reminded that animals’ experience of their world and their behavioral repertoire are often much broader than we humans have any inkling of. 

     So, for a good laugh and several minutes of delight, click on Shake a Tailfeather.–April Moore

4 Responses to “The Dancing Cockatoo”

  1. Todd Says:

    i enjoyed the bird’s “moves”. it got me laughing early in the morning, when i’m usually grumpy.

  2. Livvie Mellan Shapiro Says:

    I saw this a while back.. amazing and hilarious! Thanks for reminding me! Livvie

  3. uzi ben-ami Says:

    Funny! Beought smile to my face!!

  4. karen Says:

    I love it!! Thank you for sharing.

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