Too Cold in the Summer

     Below is a link to an article my husband Andy Schmookler published several years ago in The Baltimore Sun and The Albuquerque Tribune.  If you have had the experience of freezing indoors on a hot summer day, you may have had similar thoughts.–April Moore

3 Responses to “Too Cold in the Summer”

  1. Jim Z. Says:

    Great post. Having grown up in Phoenix, I recall the outdoor blast furnace and the refrigerated interior spaces as normal. But now I doubt that I could stand it.

  2. Joan Says:

    Thank Andy for writing that article for me! I am so annoyed by “cold” places in the summer in Arizona—the supermarket, movie theatre, etc. It is totally rediculous and a total waste of energy! I, too, freeze often in these places.

  3. Elizabeth Cottrell Says:

    It’s enough to make me wish for a benevolent dictatorship…democracy calls for Americans “getting what we want,” but it’s often ridiculous…colder than it should be in the summer; warmer than it should be in the winter; more food in a restaurant (at a higher cost) than is good for us (and we are sometimes charged MORE for asking to share an entree). Abundance has not, I’m afraid, been good for us as a society.

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