The Wondrous World of the Seashore

     August is beach time.   Who doesn’t love the smells, the sounds, the sunshine, and the rhythms of the waves?  How awesome to stand on the beach and look  into the distance, imagining the continent that is at the opposite side of the ocean.

     For the last four months, since the BP oil disaster, we have been focused on the Gulf shoreline, that delicate area where salt meets fresh to form a unique coastal ecosystem.  No one has written more beautifully, in my view, of coastal beauty than Rachel Carson, one of my heroes.  

     I love this brief excerpt from her 1955 book The Edge of the Sea, and I hope you will enjoy it too.–April Moore

     “The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been an earth and sea there has been this place of the meeting of land and water.  Yet it is a world that keeps alive the sense of continuing creation and of the relentless drive of life.  Each time that I enter it, I gain some new awareness of its beauty and its deeper meanings, sensing that intricate fabric of life by which one creature is linked with another, and each with its surroundings. . . . .

     “There is a common thread that links these scenes and memories–the spectacle of life in all its varied manifestations as it has appearead, evolved, and sometiems died out.  Underlying the beauty of the spectacle there is a meaning and significance.  It is the elusiveness of that meaning that haunts us, that sends us again and again into the natural world where the key to the riddle is hidden.  It sends us back to the edge of the sea, where the drama of life played its first scene on earth and perhaps even its prelude;  where the forces of evolution are at work today, as they have been since the appearance of what we know as life;  and where the spectacle of living creatures faced by the cosmic realities of their world is crystal clear.”

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  1. Jan Says:

    April, I love that this post comes on my mother’s birthday. She loved the beach so much and couldn’t wait to go every year for our family vacation. Thanks for the nice association.

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