Don’t Let a Recalcitrant Senate Hold Up Progress on Climate Change!

    As the east coast swelters in 100 degree-plus temperatures, as Russian towns are torched in a summer of fire, and even as 14 countries report their highest-ever temperatures this year, the U.S. Senate still refuses to address global warming. 

     Even a bill greatly watered down in an attempt to get 60 votes could not pass.  Oil and gas companies, and their friends in the Senate–all the Republicans as well as Democrats Blanche Lincoln (AR) , Kent Conrad (ND), and Jay Rockefeller (WV)–got their wish.  No action on global warming. 

     But even as the highest legislative body in the land wastes precious time, we cannot afford to wait.  Fortunately, there are many actions we citizens can take to help stop global warming, even as our elected Senators sit on their hands.  Following are just a few:

  • If one or both of your Senators is a Republican, contact that Senator’s office, and let him/her know in no uncertain terms that you are angry that the Republicans are blocking needed legislation to address climate change.  Also make it known that you vote.  To find your Senators’ contact info, click here:
  • If you live in Arkansas, North Dakota, or West Virginia, let Senator Lincoln (AR), Conrad (ND), or Rockefeller (WV) know that you are very disappointed that s/he joined with all the Republicans to block any meaningful legislation to address climate change.  Click above for contact info.
  • Help hasten the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy by working to end our reliance on coal.  The burning of coal accounts for about 30% of U.S. global warming pollution.  Support the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal effort at
  • Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not to approve the 2,000 mile pipeline planned for the importation of dirty oil from Canada’s Tar Sands to the Gulf of Mexico.  Learn more at
  • Urge President Obama to install solar panels on the White House.  Former President Jimmy Carter had them installed, and Ronald Reagan had them removed.  Admittedly, this step is more symbol than substance, but the President sets a powerful example.    Go to and urge the President to join with people all over America who will be celebrating climate solutions on October 10.–April Moore

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