Save Energy and Money By Investing in Your Home

     The price the earth pays for heating and cooling a single home, of lighting it and running all of its appliances, is very high.   According to the EPA, an average 9,000 pounds per person of CO2 are emitted from people’s houses in the U.S.  every year as a result of home energy use.   This amounts to 17% of the nation’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

     While one can try to save small amounts of energy by increasing efficiencies here and there around the house, why not invest in ways that will save a lot of energy, while saving money as well?  Home Energy Saver is a website that can tell you how much money it costs to pay for the energy in an average home in your zip code area, compared to the cost for an energy-efficient home in the same area.  And, based on information you provide about your house, the site offers concrete suggestions for making your house much more energy-efficient.  Just click on to get to Home Energy Saver.  The financial investment you make now will more than pay for itself over time.–April Moore 


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  1. Jim Z. Says:

    We could all make quite a dent in the consumption of energy, and in damage to our biosphere, by following these types of recommendations. This is also something that a househld can chip away at over the months and years, and see the results mount. Good post!

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