Let It Snow!

     I am told we are at the epicenter of today’s giant Mid-Atlantic snowstorm.  That’s fine with me;  I love snow.  Snow is what makes the cold of winter worthwhile.

     Since I work from my house, staying home is not the treat for me that it is for teachers, students, retailers, and the many others around here who are forced to take today off.  But fortunately, even though I spend more time at home than most people, I usually love being here.  I frequently stare out the windows, looking beyond the icicles at the falling snow.  It feels cozy to know that the snow won’t be stopping anytime soon.  In fact, reports are that it will continue late into tomorrow evening.

     This has been a banner year for us snow lovers.  In the dozen winters we have spent here on our ridge in the Shenandoah Valley, this is the snowiest.  In the past, each snowfall has certainly been a sensory delight, punctuating long periods of mere cold.  But this year the snows have come in waves, mighty and frequent, each one covering the last, still on the ground. 

     I am reminded of my Minnesota childhood;  once the snow began falling in earnest,  that was the last anyone saw of the ground until spring.  And I can’t forget my son’s childhood.  Even though he is now 21 years old, I still listen attentively to the school closing announcements on the radio.  I perk up as the announcer approaches  the ‘esses,’ listening eagerly for ’Shenandoah County Schools.’   Hearing it gives me a little lift;  not hearing it is slightly disappointing.  

     I’m happy that the kids and teachers get the day off, and that the forest where I live is silent, as the snow falls and falls.  I don’t plan to go anywhere for awhile, at least not by car.  I’ll be skiing along the ridge or tromping in boots down into the snowy woods.

     And here are some photos I have taken in the last few days–around the house and down in the woods.–April Moore 




5 Responses to “Let It Snow!”

  1. judy stern Says:

    Enjoy it! I just returned from a walk with the dog, and our suburban street was quite a wonderland.

  2. judy stern Says:

    I just returned from a walk with the dog. Even our suburban street is a wonderland!
    Enjoy it.

  3. Diane Says:

    Those are incredible icicles. Thank you for a picture of my favorite chalet in the woods. Even in the suburbs the present snowfull is making an idyllic scene.

  4. Gail Says:

    My attempts at being a snowbird mean I’m missing any chance of snowpeace. It is indeed a wonderful quiet to have the sharp sounds muffled. I’ll be back home in March…perhaps the normal basketball snows will hit and I’ll be able to experience snowpeace this winter. Thank you for sharing the pictures…they emphasize that state of being.

  5. Judy Says:

    Yes, I also love the soft, pristine peace. And snow makes me feel like a child again … I want to play, fall down in it, catch flakes on my tongue. Those are fantastic icicles!

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