The People Speak: We Want an Agreement!

     The Weekend of Action was just that.  In countries as diverse as the U.S., Mauritius, Slovakia, and the Maldive Islands, people organized events this past weekend to call for a binding agreement at the global warming summit, now taking place in Copenhagen. 

     I organized a candlelight vigil in Woodstock, Virginia, and was thrilled that 35 people turned out on a very cold night to join the call.  I invite you to click on the link below to see several photos from the Woodstock vigil.

     The photos were taken by Jeanne Russell.

     While at the site, you might want to take a look at the many pages of photos from actions all around the world.  I find it so heartening to feel part of such a large and growing movement of people who are insisting that the governments of the world act to address global warming.  I know that for me, action is the antidote to despair and fear. 

     Below is a short summary I wrote about our local vigil:

  A crowd of 35 enthusiastic people, ranging in age from senior citizens to high school students, braved a very cold night to form a circle around the statue of Rev. Peter Muhlenberg in the heart of Woodstock, VA.  In 1776, Muhlenberg, a Woodstock minister, did a surprising thing in the middle of his sermon.  He threw open his clerical robe to reveal his military uniform beneath.  Because the cause of liberty could not wait, he challenged his congregants to join him as he stormed out of the church to fight for liberty.  Just as liberty was the cause of his day,  a sustainable planet is the cause of our time, and it is a cause that, like Muhlenberg’s, cannot wait.

      As we all held our lighted candles, I gave a short introduction.  Then we went around the circle reading short segments from a moving speech by Maldives President Nasheed.  We added some comments of our own and concluded by singing in unison, “This Little Light of Mine.”  As we departed, a member of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley distributed fliers with a list of things individuals can do to reduce carbon emissions.

     One member of our group had made a large sign calling for a reduction in atmospheric carbon to 350 ppm.  The sign helped passersby on the busy main street to understand why we were assembled there. 

     There was quite a bit of advance coverage of our event, including short pieces in two newspapers and an interview with me that aired several times on the largest radio station in the area.–April Moore


2 Responses to “The People Speak: We Want an Agreement!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Great job, April! We didn’t get back from Fauquier County until long after you were gone, but am proud and appreciative of your effort on behalf of Mother Earth.

  2. Jean Says:

    I’m sorry I can’t see your beautiful face in the photos April. Good job though. I hope the 350 ppm agreement is a minimum of what is agreed on in Copenhagen!

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