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     This weekend people all over the world will tell the world’s leaders that the time for decisive action on climate change is now.

     With the leaders of 192 nations gathered in Copenhagen to address global warming, people are insisting that the summit yield a binding treaty that commits nations to significant reductions in carbon emissions that are warming the planet and destabilizing the climate.

     Please add your voice to the call!  The international organization,, is coordinating the hundreds of events that are scheduled for this weekend.  To find the event nearest you, just click on the link above.  There you can find a map of planned events all over the world., by the way, is an excellent resource for scientific information on global warming, for climate change-related news from around the world, and for the significance of the number ’350.’.

     The events during this Weekend of Action will be varied.  On Friday and Saturday evenings many communities will host candlelight vigils.  At the vigils, has invited people to stand in support of the people of island nations who are already experiencing the first impacts of global warming.  Residents of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, for example (see link to video below), have been seeing their homeland shrink, thanks to rising seas caused by melting glaciers.  I am organizing a vigil here in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, in the town of Woodstock.  To learn about it, click on:

     This weekend will also see daytime demonstrations of concern, gatherings featuring education and music, and meetings with elected officials.  On Sunday morning, some churches will ring their bells 350 times.  The number 350 is the concentration in parts per million (ppm) of carbon that our atmosphere can hold and still maintain the stable climate we have known for generations.  The concentration of carbon in the atmosphere is now 387 ppm and rising rapidly.

     It really matters that our own national leaders, as well as those of other nations in the world,’get it’ that the people want action, not more vague promises and calls on other countries to act first.  We are rapidly running out of ‘next years.’

     So I hope you will participate in an event near you this weekend.  If none is scheduled, consider organizing one yourself.  Yes, the time may be short for organizing a public event, but there is certainly plenty of time to gather a group of people together to act for our beloved planet.   Here are just a few ideas:

  •  Invite friends to a pot luck meal and discussion of climate change.  Ask each person to bring some information to share.  Don’t underestimate the value of educational events.  Despite all the talk about global warming, most people are not yet well informed.  For example, most people do not understand the significance of ’350.’
  • Bring people together to brainstorm ideas of what to do about global warming.  You might come up with a list of actions people can take in their daily lives, as well as actions that go beyond the personal to include calling your U.S. Senators to urge them to support the House-passed cap and trade bill when it comes up in the Senate.  When your list is completed, consider sharing it with others by contacting the press or by emailing it to all in your email network.
  • Contact your mayor, county government chair, or Governor’s office to set up an appointment.  Invite several concerned citizens to join you in such a meeting, where you urge your city, county, or state government to institute green policies that will reduce carbon emissions.  Making government buildings more energy-efficient, purchasing hybrid cars for government use, and beefing up public transportation, especially train service, are just a few of the requests you may want to make of your elected officials.   

     Click on the link below to view a brief video of the Maldives Islands’ underwater cabinet meeting.  The meeting is part of an impressive effort by the Maldives to dramatize how global warming is affecting them now and will affect the rest of the nations soon if the world’s leaders fail to act decisively. 


     And if you organize or participate in a Weekend of Action activity  this weekend, I would love to hear about it!–April Moore




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  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    I am so heartened to know of all this concern about global warming and the events planned on its behalf.

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