A Rattlesnake Romance

     I thank my friend Judy for sending me these amazing pictures.  Please keep scrolling.  I had trouble placing the photos.–April Moore




































2 Responses to “A Rattlesnake Romance”

  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    Wow! These are great photos! Thanks, April. Alan and I were privileged to see this sacred dance between 2 rattlesnakes in our backyard when we lived out in the Tucson Mountains here in Arizona. The rattlesnakes danced as one and were upright as they moved rhythmically and twined themselves around each other, just like in the photos. After they finished their dance, they dropped to the ground and went their separate ways. Seeing this was a very sacred and powerful experience.

  2. Elizabeth Cottrell Says:

    Absolutely stunning…this must be incredible to see live.

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