The True Nature of Be-ing

     I thank John Cochrane for forwarding me these very wise words.  They make me feel peaceful, and they remind me that there is no limit to the richness available to me right here, in me and around me.–April Moore 


Joe David, renowned Northwest Coast carver and medicine person, writes eloquently about a life entrusted to the natural world. 
For about sixteen years I lived on Echachisht, a remote little island off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Living with the tides and experiencing the seasons coming and going and the sun and moon going round and round.
For many of those tides and seasons I was the only two legged amidst a constant family of four leggeds, winged ones, creep and crawlers, finned ones and stand talls. I lived simply on rice and beans, oats and fish. I lived quietly, some times not speaking a word “forever and a day” except to sing traditional family songs celebrating my family’s ancient union with the natural and supernatural worlds. And because of my relatively quiet blissful state the birds and animals and spirit beings trusted and confided in me teachings and blessings of BE-ING.
I learned not to want to be someone or something else or want or prepare to be some place else. I learned not to pray to some greater being elsewhere or long for and prepare for a paradise that was infinitely distant and painful to acquire. Instead, sitting with fish swimming in my stomach, birds singing in my ears and flying through my hair and deer dancing to my songs I learned that where I was and who I was is all that there is and all that I needed. And now that I am an elder and have shared with other traditional people of Turtle Island I see that this state of BE-ING has been practiced down through the ages. All our sacred ceremonies are Mother Earth rituals giving birth to us, nurturing and healing and in the end burying us. Even our spirits are given berth and remain and can be and regularly are called upon, always responding, respectfully present.
Live well, and what ever is NEXT will happen and come into BE-ING naturally.
O-she-emss Ha-cha-tuc!  (All My Relations!)
Joe David

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  1. Joan Brundage Says:

    How beautiful and wise! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. pozycjonowanie oferta Says:

    This helps in quite a bit of methods. Thank you!

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