I Am Part of Everything I See

I am part of everything I see.

     Author D. H. Lawrence wrote, “I am part of the sun as my eye is part of me.”  Just as every cell in our body is part of us, we–along with everything else–are like cells in the body of the earth.

     If we remember that we are part of a larger whole, it can change the way we interact with all kinds of events, circumstances, and objects.  When things break down or go wrong, we can think, I am one with this, and we can imagine how to heal ourselves rather than feeling angry and stuck.  We can feel music and poetry enter into our minds and hearts, not just our ears.  We can feel our oneness with people, animals, and plants, and develop a spiritual relationship with them.”  –from Green Spirituality:  Reflections on Belonging to a World Beyond Myself by Veronica Ray

3 Responses to “I Am Part of Everything I See”

  1. Jim Z. Says:

    David Suzuki’s book “The Sacred Balance” takes this beautiful thought into the scientific realm. He certainly convinced me that we are all part of everything (seen and unseen!).

  2. Todd Price Says:

    I don’t buy the argument of becoming one with something and to treat anger or fear as something to be avoided. At some point, when we mature as a species, we will see anger and fear as components of living that are integral to being animals, if the mineral world is not similar. Being at one and being unconscious strike me as similar to being an un-feeling being, as a yearning for a “peace” that is imaginary because of our inner turmoil.
    We do not know how to handle our anger and our fear and we treat them as something we must avoid. When we feel music and poetry, we feel it because it touches us emotionally.

  3. Joan Brundage Says:

    Thanks for the wise inspirational words—I need to be reminded of this often.

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