The Most Amazing Tree I Have Ever Seen

     Seven years ago this month I had the good fortune to experience a tree I will remember always.  My family and I were traveling in Hawaii.  In the town of Lahaina, on Maui, is the most incredible tree any of us had ever seen.  The tree is a banyan tree, and it pretty much fills the town square.  

     What is so amazing about this tree is that it has not one but 12 trunks!  The tree grows by dropping roots from its branches.  These roots grow downward until they reach the ground and take hold.  Once rooted, these long vines thicken, and over time they become trunks.  

     Walking among the 12 trunks of the banyan tree was akin to walking around in a little forest.  Only the forest consisted of a single tree!  

     The Lahaina tree covers 2/3 of an acre, and I am glad to report that it is well-appreciated.  People gather among its trunks and branches to talk, play music, and just enjoy the shady environment this amazing tree has created.

     Just click below to see some photos of this amazing tree.–April Moore 


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3 Responses to “The Most Amazing Tree I Have Ever Seen”

  1. Todd Says:

    April: Thanks – never saw one so big. Will visit it some day when we go out there. I understand there is a fungus/mushroom somewhere that covers many, many acres. Todd

  2. April Says:

    I too have heard about this fungus. I’ll have to look into it. Amazing that a fungus could cover many acres!

  3. De Herman Says:

    April: The sanctuary in my synagogue was redesigned about 10 years ago. The banyan tree is the basis for the design of the ark, which was carved from sustainably, locally grown tulip poplar.

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