Recycle Your Old Cell Phone

     Who doesn’t have an old cell phone sitting in a drawer somewhere?  With new phone features, services, and accessories becoming available every year, it doesn’t take long for a cell phone to become too old and too easily replaceable.

     But what happens to the old cell phone?  Since it contains lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other toxic substances, you can’t just throw it in the trash.  So what DO you do with it?

     You can recycle your no longer needed cell phone by sending it to an organization called Collective Good.  Collective Good’s purpose is to keep toxic waste out of the landfill.   The organization is concerned that with millions of cell phones entering the waste stream every year, these toxic substances are leaking into our water supply.  Even worse, cities that incinerate trash are sending these toxins into the air, only to return to us later in the form of rain.

     Collective Good refurbishes many of the phones it receives and donates them to charities that want them.  With phones that cannot be refurbished, the recyclable components are recycled, while the toxic materials are disposed of safely. 

     I encourage you to visit Collective Good’s website,  Collective Good also recycles cell phone batteries, chargers, and accessories, as well as pagers and PDAs.


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