Peeling an Orange

I love the pleasure Terry Tempest Williams feels and the wonder she sees in the simple act of peeling and eating an orange!  The following is an excerpt from her book REFUGE:

     “Peeling an orange is a good thing to do in the mountains.  It slows you down.  You bite into the tart rind, pull it back with your teeth and then let your fingers undress the citrus.  Nothing else exists beyond or before this task.  The naked fruit is in your hands waiting for sections to be separated.  Halves.  Quarters.  And then the delicacy of breaking the orange down to its smallest smile.

     “I lay out these ten sections on the flat granite rock I am sitting on.  The sun threatens to dry them.  But I wait for the birds.  Within minutes, Clark’s nutcrackers and gray jays join me.  I suck on oranges as the mountains begin to work on me.

     “This is why I always return.  This is why I can always go home.”

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  1. Judy Says:

    Very zen. TTW shakes up my consciousness, makes me open my senses, see what has always been there but beyond my focus. Our perceptions are clouded by so many distractions. Thank you, April, for this gem.

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