Recycling Made Easier

     Most people have a generally favorable attitude toward recycling.  Of course it’s a good thing to do, and most of us know how to recycle our bottles and cans.  But what do we do with outdated computer equipment, old car batteries, and unwanted furniture?  

     Well, unless you live in a rural area like I do, you can easily find out how to recycle many things you didn’t know you could recycle.  Just go to  Type in the item you want to get rid of responsibly and your city or zip code.  If there are places in your area that will accept the item, they will appear on your screen.

     I am enthusiastic about  Not only can you use it to find ways to rid yourself of unwanted stuff, but you can also find out how to get rid of toxic or hazardous household, automotive, and electronic items that should not be thrown in the trash.  Simply type in the item you want to dispose of safely, and your city or zip code.  You will find out where you can take the item for safe disposal.

     But  is more than a great resource for responsibly ridding yourself of items you no longer need.  Visiting the site also allows you to educate yourself , in just a few minutes, about the impact of some of the products that might be sitting in your garage or bathroom closet.  Just consult the site’s primer on how to tell whether a particular household product is toxic to humans or animals or harmful to the environment, and if so, how to safely dispose of it. also focuses on product stewardship.  This means thinking about the products you buy, from their manufacture, through their use, and ultimately to their disposal and their impact on the environment. 

     After all, the products we use do have an impact on global warming and pollution.  And clearly, some products are more environmentally friendly than others.  Find out how to make your purchases more earth-friendly, how to use wisely the products you do buy, and how to get rid of  products in an earth-friendly way when you  finish with them.

     Please visit  I can’t think of a better recycling–and recycling education– resource.–April Moore 


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  1. Sondra Says:

    FABULOUS! A great website that I just put on my favorites list. . . .and I will refer to it often.

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