Nature in Its Visual Glory

Just for the sheer joy of it, I am posting these wonderful nature photos. They are a delight!

chimp in tree image002.jpg      Photo Gallery:

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2 Responses to “Nature in Its Visual Glory”

  1. Jim Z. Says:

    These are great pictures!

    Had a chance to see David Attenborough’s “Life of Birds” on PBS a couple of months ago. It was superb, especially the film work (how do those wildlife fimmakers do it?). The series showed the incredible miracles of nature that are birds. It really brought into focus how fragile are the different life forms, and how important it is for us to preseve them.

  2. April Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I too saw “The Life of Birds,” and I still think about it! It was truly incredible. Birds are very complex creatures. But then perhaps all creatures are. We humans perhaps tend to simplify other species out of our ignorance. One thing about that movie that amazed me was that it seems evolution leaves no niche unfilled. I’m thinking of just one example, of the birds that fill their breast feathers with water from puddles in a very dry desert area and then fly back to feed the water to their babies nesting far away. So many natural wonders it can just make me cry!

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